3, Rue Cronstadt - 06000 Nice - Tel: + 33 4 93 82 00 30

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For reservation inquiries, please send us an e-mail at : reservation@hotelcronstadt.com or book online

Our rooms are priced at good value as follows:

The hotel has three types of rooms, with different bed arrangements and to some extent also room sizes.

The ten rooms are all slightly different. All have private facilities, TV, phone, A/C, hair dryer, internet WiFi and so forth.

Prices quoted below are in Euros per room and night.
Price for a room with one double bed or two single beds
 - For one occupant 100 Euros
 - For two occupants 120 Euros

Price for a room with two single beds
 - For one occupant 100 Euros
 - For two occupants 120 Euros

Price for a room with one double and one single bed
 - For one occupant 110 Euros
 - For two occupants 130 Euros
 - For three occupants 150 Euros

  • Visitors over the age of 18 years, not residing in Nice permanently pay a city tax of 1.5 Euro in addition to the room prices quoted here above.

  • Upon agreement, a full-fledged breakfast (eggs, bread, cheese, croissant, tea, coffee, yoghurt, musli, juice) can be served between 8.30 and 10 o'clock at a price of 10 Euros per meal.

  • After prior agreement, an extra bed may be fitted in some of the rooms at a cost per night of 20 Euros.
    Small pets are accepted, at a price per animal and night of 10 Euros.

  • The entire hotel is non-smoking.

  • Final bills can be paid in cash or by Visa- or Master Card.

  • We accept travel checks in Euros (only).

  • For stays exceeding one week, weekly bills are presented.

  • The reception is open for enquiries and check-in between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m.

  • Generally, for the processing of a reservation request, we need:

  • The name(s) in which to establish the reservation.
  • The date(s) of arrival to the hotel
  • The estimated time(s) of arrival to the hotel on the date of arrival.
  • The date(s) of departure from the hotel.
  • The room type(s), number of rooms and number of nights in each required
  • The required deposit

  • To the extent that you would finally prefer us debiting the amount of the deposit to a Visa- or MasterCard
    remotely, we need:

  • The 4x4 digit card number,
  • Its mm/yy expiry date
  • Its 3 digit CVV code (usually on the back)
  • The expression in writing of the cardholders authorisation of the remote transaction.

  • Advance reservations are always confirmed by us in writing.


    Accommodation requests need to be made directly with us, by phone ( + 33 4 93 82 00 30 ) or e-mail ( reservation@hotelcronstadt.com ).

    There are no middlemen.

    Advance reservations are issued against a pre paid financial guarantee, "les arrhes" (french law applies here).

    The advance reservation amount is 40 Euro per room and per night which will be deducted from the final bill in all cases.

    All reservations are guaranteed by us in writing against this amount and that means that in case the hotel would not be able to accomodate you as agreed, your money will be paid back in double (as per french law).
    In case of a no-show on the scheduled date of arrival, the room is kept overnight and the reservation is considered cancelled next morning (if you let us know we can of course shorten or lengthen the stay and still use the monies for the final bill).

    This is a very small hotel and we need firm reservations to operate (and you are of course very welcome to inquire with us on the day if we happen to have availability for the night).

    Reservation deposits can be paid cash directly at the hotel, over the banking system or by our remote debiting of a Visa- or Master Card account. A fourth option consists of mailing a French bank check to us. For deposit payments - but not for final bills - we accept such checks. Guests desiring to inquire about an advance reservation are invited to indicate their estimated time of arrival to the hotel on the date of arrival.

    Checked-in guests have access to the hotel 24/7.


    3, Rue Cronstadt - 06000 Nice - Tel: + 33 4 93 82 00 30