3, Rue Cronstadt - 06000 Nice - Tel: + 33 4 93 82 00 30

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Finding the way to us locally in Nice

Here is a satellite image with the hotel marked out.

Here is a normal map:

small map

From the airport

From the airport it is best to take the tram (i.e. a local light rail train that runs through Nice).
The tram runs from terminal 1 and 2
The nearest stop to us from the tram is the stop named "Alsace/Lorraine".
The cost for both tram and bus tickets is around 1.50€ per person.
There is also a bus that departs from a stop that is close to terminal 1, number 12.
Leave the bus at the "Gambetta" bus stop. That's the stop just short of one of the city's major landmarks, the Negresco building. The next stop, Meyerbeer, just after Negresco is equally good. Once off the bus, you need in both cases to cross La Promenade, continuing to the western corner of the Negresco building where you'll find the entrance of rue Cronstadt. The Negresco building is shingly white, fitted with a round corner tower crowned by a pink dome. You won't miss it. At night, this building is brightly illuminated.

Hotel Cronstadt is located in the courtyard of the Palace Adly building at address "nr 3, rue Cronstadt".br/> The entrance to the Palace and our hotel is to be found some fifty meters up rue Cronstadt from the beachfront. The walking distance from the two bus stops to the #3 entrance is approx. 200 metres. To reach the hotel building from the street, press the button marked "hotel", speak with us and then push open the metal gate and then the inner wooden door. Then continue straight ahead through the (big) entrance hall and further, through a second wooden door to the courtyard. You'll find the entrance to the hotel builiding at the far end of the courtyard. The entrance door to the hotel is always locked, i.e. you need to call from there to be let in. There is a phone on the wall to use for this purpose (just lift the phone to be connected to us).
Many other bus lines also run along the seafront, sometimes you may just ask the driver if they stop near "Negresco" (major landmark) and if it's the case, hop on! Please also make sure to consult www.lignesdazur.com (due the ongoing constructions,especially the new tram lines, but also sporting events and of course general strikes there may be intermittent service changes) A taxi trip to the hotel costs around 25-30 Euros and make sure to ask the driver before getting in because the prices can vary a lot (especially after the buses stop running after around 11 p.m.).

Train station connection

If you choose to walk down to us from the train station, you typically need fifteen to twenty minutes. Here's how to proceed: Once out from the train station main building, you need to walk, all in all, some five blocks right, along avenue Thiers then turning left into rue Giuglia. You then follow this street all the way down to us. At one point this street changes name from Giulia to Cronstadt. You can of course also zig-zag your way down to us more leisurely, remembering the measure of five blocks right, and following Giulia/Cronstadt when you come to this street. If ever you'll need to ask your way, always refer to the very well-known Negresco land mark. The entrance to us is literally across the street from the Negresco building.

A second option consists of taking a city bus from the train station. The bus line is #12. The point of departure is located in front of the train station main building. Leave the bus at the intersection of Boulevard Gambetta/rue Dante. From there, you continue as already described here above, down to rue de France, onto the church and from there down to 3 rue Cronstadt. Sitting onboard the bus, you stay as long as you see the big blue at the end of the street (bd. Gambetta) It´s only when the bus has turned right, into rue Dante, that you need to get off.

Reaching us by car

When approaching Nice, follow road signs "Nice Centre" and then "La Promenade des Anglais". La Prom runs along the seafront. Close to the eastern end of La Prom, there is a big white belle époque building with the dome on its top. That's the building of Hotel Negresco. There's a traffic light on La Prom, immediately west of Negresco, enabling turns directly into rue Cronstadt. Please note that the entrance to Hotel Cronstadt is only some fifty metres up the street. Don't start driving rue Cronstadt in which case you may finally find yourself pretty lost on the far end of the rail tracks. There are street parking lots on both sides of rue Cronstadt. When parking in the street - recommended option - you may start the parking procedure from a waiting position stop more or less double-parked at the beginning of the street. Only make sure that you don't block the traffic. From such a position, watch well ahead, trying to identify drivers approaching their vehicles and preparing to leave their parking lot. Meanwhile, you then proceed with your own car to a position from which you can take the freed lot first. It may require a few minutes of waiting time and some attention to detail. Please note that with the exception of the core night hours; you rarely see free parking lots for more than a few seconds. Once you have parked in an appropriate parking lot it is quite possible to leave the car parked for days without end. The parking fee per day to pay for street parking is in the magnitude of 6 Euros.
Street parking is commonly used in Nice and can be considered fairly safe, observing the usual precautions, the first and foremost being not to leave objects of any kind in the car visible from the outside. The nearest underground parking house is the "Parking Massena". Also here, you can leave your car for any reasonable amount of time. The cost per 24 hours is in the region of 25 Euros. There are two entrances to the Massena parking facility. One is from La Prom, westbound, some hundred meters before Negresco. The other entrance is from rue de France which is one-way eastbound. Starting from in front of our entrance at rue Cronstadt, you reach this second entrance by turning right at the Cronstadt/France traffic light, crossing the next intersection France/Rivoli. The entrance to Parking Massena is then to be found some fifty meters further down rue de France, to the right.

To the extent that these parking instructions appear too complicated, consider calling us for further hints or even some hands-on assistance. Good windows of parking opportunity are available from midnight to 8 a.m., and Monday through Saturday between 12.30 - 13,30 p.m. and 18 - 19 p.m.

3, Rue Cronstadt - 06000 Nice - Tel: + 33 4 93 82 00 30